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The Logic and Utility of Mitzvot

Just got in an epic battle with a friend about if the Mitzvot mostly have logical bases.

We got to talking about pigs and trichomoniasis, of course.

I took a variant of “Hashem says it’s, just do it” approach. He was from the “there’s got to be a good reason behind all these rules” school.

Fights went like this:

Me: Catfish aren’t kosher.

Friend: That’s probably because they’re bottom feeders and eat all the weird gross stuff that falls down to the river bottoms. Eeeeew.

Me: Naaaaaaa brah, you’re over thinking it…. they’re just not kosher.

Friend: Yeah they’re icky

Me: Um, sweety, it’s because they don’t have scales, as Hashem told us in Leviticus 11

I’m interested in hearing your opinions on this subject.

  • INB4 “the Orthodox won’t be back on the sub till Saturday night.” I know.

  • Wasn’t there a “no stupid questions” weekly post? I’m on mobile and it’s not showing up, my apologies if I’m posting in the wrong place.

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