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The jewish bookcase.

So i was thinking. As some of you migth know there is a saying about “The jewish bookcase”. Basiclly, it talks about the fact that there is a HUGE amount of jewish stories and writing that talk about the jewish experince and that are essential in understanding judaism itself to some degree. But I have a question:

What IS in the bookcase.

Assume we can only have one bookcase filled with jewish books. What books make the list? For example obvisely the tanakh and mishna enter. But what about agadah litrature? What about the whole Q & A subgenre. Obviselly we cant count a website called “ask the rabbi” as a book.

And that’s just the books with inherentely religious concepts!

What about “The wars of the jews” by joshiphus? What about holocust litrature? What about itzchak bashevis zinger? Isaac Asimov? Franz Kafka?

So the question I have. Is what do YOU think? Assuming you have a bookcase you need to fill with “the jewish books and stories”. What books would YOU put in it? Why this book and not another? And lastly. Do you think ANYONE can agree about this book, because let’s be honset. We don’t agree about nothing.

P. S. Asumming there was a limit for the amount of books in the bookcase. How would you choose what to put in and what to put out?

Is this it? Yeah. I think I’m done…

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