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The idea of a future Sanhedrin is scaring me.

So far most of my discussions here related my conversion to Judaism with my Christian background, the religion which I converted to years ago. However, this time I’m discussing something that is related to the religion of my parents, Islam. As some of you may know, Islam has something called Sharia. It is like the Torah, but the Islamic version. In it, if you have sex outside of marriage, you’re to be stoned to death in public. If you’re gay, you are taken to the highest place in the land and thrown out (as some of you might know, ISIS really loved doing that to us, gays).

Judaism, at least the vast majority of Jews don’t seem to want to bring back the criminal penalty aspect of the Torah. One main reason, which I heard from many Jews online is that we don’t have a Sanhedrin, and so all those criminal laws of the Torah cannot be applied. But what if we do, one day? Are we suddenly going to be okay with applying death by stoning or beheading gays?

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