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The Hell’s Angels and their problematic logo

I live in a former factory city that once had an active HA chapter, and they’re still active regionally. They seem to have mellowed over the years into doing charity rides and whatnot. They don’t seem so threatening.

That is, except for their logo.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s the SS stormtrooper bolts.

Now, I’ve given bands like KISS a pass for using it for their double-S because Gene Simmons is Jewish. I figure, if you’re Jewish (or other victim) you get to use it, the way Mel Brooks wrote the Producers, the way that the Ramones had several songs you probably know, etc. Hey, there was even an all Jewish band in the 70’s called The Dictators that sang “Master Race Rock.” It was all either a coping mechanism or tongue-in-cheek. The victim gets to make the call. NOT anyone else.

In the case of the HA, they’re Def Leopard not a Jewish organization and they have a history of excluding Blacks as well.

In one piece of graffiti I found in my downtown, “WLM” was scrawled along with the SS. A little up the street in the same color and handwriting, was the SS with “81.” The 81 stands for HA, Hell’s Angels.

I’ve reported these to the ADL and to officials in my community. My community dealt with the problem, quietly. And, I have been warned (though not by officials) to be silent and not anger the HA.

Meanwhile, there’s a huge billboard for the HA in my City for some kind charity ride.

What do we do about the HA and the SS?

Edit to add that the billboard does not include the SS logo, but they still share it in local social media groups and it’s still around as a decal and on the backs of jackets.

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