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The hands of God in one’s faith journey.

When I take time to think of my faith journey from Islam, to Christianity, to Atheism, and all the way to Judaism, I try to find where would have God intervened in the process. I like to think my finding of Judaism wasn’t just a mere chance, but something that God saw and directed me in some form or another, and while some people might find that a bit narcissistic, I don’t see it that way, I see it as part of God’s love for mankind and his care to bring his Truth to those who seek him, regardless.

When I look at my journey from Islam to Christianity, there were moments and incidents that I can’t but see the “hands of God” so to speak. For example, where I lived back then, having a Bible with you meant spending the night in jail, nevertheless, I managed after a lot of praying (and I mean serious prayer ) to have access to someone to give me a copy of the Bible, and that experience was very rare and I shocked myself when I went through it with all the risk that I put myself in. That is just one example of many in my journey of faith that makes me ask, would God be the One who directed me all the way from Islam to Christianity and now to Judaism? I know God can’t deceive people and lead them to falsehood, but would that be the case even when the introduction to Christianity and believing in it is likely the only way I would have learned about Judaism, and read the Torah? (in Islam there is only one book, the Quran).

Any thoughts?

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