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The future of denominational Judaism?

I personally have believed for a while that denominational Judaism (reform, conservative, etc.) is no longer very beneficial or useful for the Jewish community. There are clearly pros and cons to each movement respectively as well as denominational Judaism in general. I would love to hear your thoughts about denominational Judaism. Here are some reasons why I personally believe we should move towards a post-denominational culture 1. Wide variety of observance levels and practices within each denomination’s synagogues nowadays makes the labels of “Reform” or “Conservative” not very useful to prospective congregants. 2. Wide variety of observance levels and practices among people of the same denomination (eg. some Reform Jews keep kosher while some conservatives eat pork). 3. Misconduct/bullying/sexual harassment/bad hiring practices etc. of higher-ups in each movement and in many of their institutions. The Conservative movement still needs to conduct an internal report and there has been a lack of accountability and mixed responses from both the movements. 4. Decline of some of each movement’s institutions (eg. HUC-Cincinnati closing). 5. Animosity between movements. 6. “old-boys” club culture among both movement’s prominent figures and Rabbis. I also think there’s a lack of energetic leaders particularly in the Conservative movement. 7. Denominations politicize Judaism.

I would love to hear your arguments, opinions, etc. There are definitely arguments to be had in support of denominational Judaism. I know this is kind of a ~hot take~ but it’s a conversation that I think the conversation should be had.

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