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The Forward wants to hear from Jews about public school.

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled in a 6-3 decision that a public school’s football coach could lead Christian prayers on the field after games. The three liberal justices dissented, arguing that allowing a public employee to lead students in Christian prayer violated the separation of church and state and created pressure for students to pray.

But prayer has, for better or worse, been part of public schools for generations. And since the decision, Jews have taken to social media with tales of their experiences with religion in public schools: being forced to sing Christmas carols to pass choir or participate in Christmas pageants, Easter bunny art units, having to recite the Lord’s Prayer every morning or else sit in the hallway away from peers during team or classroom prayers.

If any of this sounds familiar — or if you had a completely different experience — the Forward wants to hear your stories. If you, your children or other family members attended public school, tell us about your experience growing up Jewish here!

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