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"The first Israelites were black people"


I used to see a barber from the Caribbean island of St. Vincent. I will make this explanation as short as possible to give you some context.

**This is not trolling- I had a legitimate conversation with someone about this**

He told me that the first Israelites or the Canaanite People were black people- black black. Not a darker Middle Eastern tan but BLACK. He said there is a lot of evidence to support it, with one factor being that when **can’t say name or post will automatically delete** escaped to Egypt from King Herod that they would have had to been black to blend in since “Egypt is Africa”. (I disagree).

He said that the later “white skinned people like you” stole Judaism for themselves and captured the black Jews as slaves. He says thats how black people ended up in the Caribbean- and that he is a descendant of the TRUE JEWS and that he is NOT AFRICAN.

I kind of feel bad for the guy. His final point was that the ruling power gets to write the history books- which is true in a sense. He said all of the world powers in the Middle East were black people and were merely “taken over by the whites”.

There is a great Louis Therouex Documentary regarding the “Black Israelites” if you have not seen it.. Some of them go on to say that even all of EUROPE was built by black people and the the first Queen of England was Black.

Of course I don’t believe any of this.. but have any of you Jews heard this before? And if so, how does it make you feel?

Again this is NOT TROLLING and there are people that believe this!

Thank you

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