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The Fantasy system of Earth

Found out why I’m having trouble finding a job/girl, because thank God I’m not in the system!


Interested in your thoughts on this one. I called it Ressurism, but it may exist in some form.

The lifting of the mask this world has, the system known as Earth, and returning to our actual (God-made world), Eden. Here, it’s a fantasy world where each of us (now just you, I’m out) wears a mask; a policeman, CEO, garbage man, career person working in a bank etc.

Each of us then plays his/hers role in the system, reacting and acting based on the rules of his/hers role. E.g. a policeman would beat-up (do a bad thing, i.e. fall to a temptation) in a scenario a normal human in Eden (right, God made system) wouldn’t be touched.

We are leveled based on our role, like our race is divided into multiple races, CEOs, officers, garbagemen etc. but in Eden, we are actually all on the same level, Humans. By being on the same level (of reason or quality) we can actually understand and see each other, so we would unite.

The system currently blinds you from the truth through the church, medicine and farmacy, laws and behavior rules.

God gave humans in Eden free will, reason and nature (resources) which is enough to function like human beings, be on the same level, understand and unite. We would never steal since we’ll understand it doesn’t belong to us but to someone else who lost it.

Ressurism is the lifting of the masks or awakening of humans from the fantasy world of Earth and returning them to Eden. The point there is to exist, function as you will or believe you should and work on the common goal of searching for God, who’s at the end of the universe (calling for us), and building ways (ships) to fly towards the sky and exploring the universe in search of the one who made us.

The system would work and function like paradise, every one would have enough food, homes, resources, medicine, services so the point would be to build us in the direction of intelligence/quality/reason. A world without money.

The “system” works by stealing, lying and manipulating to get ahead, above etc others. Those who earn, they get up, those who don’t, they stay down and fall. Yet, the point is that everyone generally can they just can’t get the chance due to other bad, unequal situations in life that shouldn’t be obstacles in the first place.

That’s how we get drained, stolen from and blinded from the truth around. The easiest way would be for all to actually have everything, and build up from there. More people would be quality, overall the quality would rise, so we would build and expand better, faster and without being drained or stolen from.

Edit: About Ressurism (NSFW)

Ressurism is the path of lifting the mark and revealing Eden (free will, reason and nature), uniting everyone on the same quality level (humans) and directing to a goal/purpose of searching and reaching God at the end of the universe by exploring it (means of travel for now can be known as ships or starship).

Ressurism members are Ressers, or those ressurecting/lifting/revealing Eden and the true ways. To become one (as I did) you need to become an apostate and get the ring to catch/release yourself from your Satan’s demon, and directing yourself towards Ressurism.

End of NSFW.

This is actually the corrected version of the previous one I’ve written, where I also mentioned the ring (cure for and protection from all spiritual illnesses caused by demons thrown on us by Satan). You can read about it here, just don’t get scared:

Btw, feel free to share this post if you liked it and feel it could be useful/interesting to someone else.

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