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The existence of G-d, the utility of religious observance and the concept of an atheist Jew.

I have been a long-time, non-Jewish lurker* in this sub. I have posed a question before, and I hope you won’t mind if I inquire again.

I found so many of the comments in this thread fascinating, although not in a way that is directly on point with OP. This comment, has me thinking, but wanting to better understand:

I think Christianity crumbles because the theology is so focused on belief. If Christian people would just focus on the fact that they go to a nice gathering, sing and think about spiritual things, and whether G-d as we understand that concept really exists is not that big of a deal, it would be as sturdy as Judaism.

Is it common for some Jews to be religiously observant but agnostic as to specific questions about G-d or His existence? Is the idea here that religious observance provides a utility and that utility has inherent value independent of the existence or nature of G-d or the super natural? Is the utility spiritual, super natural, communal, or all of the above? Also, some of the comments touch on the idea of being a an Atheist Jew. I had always understood that to be a Jew who embraced the cultural and ethic identity of Judaism, but who is atheist, non-observant or non-religious. But in reading some of the comments I sense that I have possibly misapprehended this. I would like to better understand this concept.

Thanks in advance. I recognize it is Sabbath, I hope that me posting here today isn’t a problem.

*I am a committed, devout Mormon with non-literal belief. I love learning about other religions and have found this learning to add meaning to my faith and my understanding of others. I have learned a lot by lurking and reading this sub in particular. And it’s just flat out interesting.

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