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The Cyrus Cylinder and the reveal of the true Chosen People

This translation pertains to the text inscribed on the Cyrus Cylinder, an Akkadian artifact that provides evidence of Cyrus’ ascension as the overseer of Babylon. While certain aspects may be subject to debate, the contents of this cylinder are irrefutable and present an unvarnished account of significant events. These events prompt a reevaluation of entire societies and the circumstances surrounding them.

It is evident beyond doubt that Cyrus aimed to rescue and protect the people of Sumer, Akkad, and Babylon. Specifically, the Babylonians were liberated from their burdensome lives under the rule of Nabonidus. Furthermore, there is no connection whatsoever between Cyrus and the Jewish or Judean people. In fact, additional cuneiform evidence indicates that a majority of Judeans chose to remain in Akkad.

If there exists a notion of “Chosen People,” it indisputably applies to the Babylonians, rather than the Jews. The Shah of Iran, during the 1970s, must have been aware of the discrepancy he propagated. Unquestionably, this revelation does not cast him in a favorable light.

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