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The creation of good and evil

I came across a famous philosophical question. Why does a good G-d create evil? If G-d is omnipotent and all-good, why does evil exist? The Rambam gives an answer that evil is like darkness, it can’t be created ex nihilo, it is the absence of good; like darkness is the absence of light.

I would like to present a different theory. Rather, instead of G-d creating good and evil, G-d created neither. G-d created everything in a natural state of balanced existence, with nothing being good or evil. What makes something good or evil, is what man does with it. Everything has the potential to go both ways, what makes it good or evil is what we do with it. (This would reject the possibility of an objective good).

I will try to back myself up with Biblical support. in Devarim 30:15,

15Behold, I have set before you today life and good, and death and evil,

The term means “set” “placed” “given”. The term NOT used, is “I have created” “Barahti”. Furthermore, the verse says “I have placed BEFORE YOU” “Lefanechah”. To me, this says that G-d has placed before us the ability to choose good or evil based on our thoughts/actions.

I would love to hear any discerning opinions, or if this is already a long-standing idea that I wasn’t aware of.

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