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The casual antisemitism I witnessed yesterday opened my eyes

I come from Italy,, and a couple of days ago I was out with friends. I am not a Jew myself, but lately I’ve been fascinated by the culture and I am trying to learn more.

I started learning Yiddish (beautiful language, and the history of Jews is frankly just too interesting!) and my friends started teasing me for it. It degenerated into accusing all Jews of agreeing with what’s happening in Israel and being rich greedy diamond sellers.

Wtf. There are plenty of Jews who are not Israelian and don’t agree with how Israel is handling the situation in there. It would be like accusing all Muslims in the world of agreeing with the Bataclan assault! And the bit about being rich and greedy is just more old, harmful stereotypes.

It was honestly baffling, these friends are usually the definition of acceptance and open mindedness. They will speak against racism with conviction and act against it.

I didn’t think that antisemitism was still so deeply ingrained into our society.

Edit to clarify: no, I don’t think that the actions of the Israel government can be used to justify antisemitism, in any way shape or form. My intent was to say that it’s stupid to use them as a base for hatred. Sorry, English isn’t my first language and apparently today I don’t have the brainpower for englishing properly.

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