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“The big short” scene


First of all, I am not Jewish and I mean no disrespect by this question, I’m just always trying to understand the broader world.

I’m watching “the big short” and there is a scene where it flashes back to the childhood of Steve carrel’s character, showing him in a Jewish private school.

His rabbi is talking with his mom. “What’s the problem?” She asks, and he goes “it’s the reason mark is studying so hard. He’s looking for inconsistencies in the word of God!”

So my question is, is the rabbi’s attitude a really poor portrayal of Judaism or is it about right?

I was under the impression for some reason that a key difference between Judaism and the other Abrahamic religions was that Judaism encouraged critical thinking and grappling with the Talmud rather than blind acceptance. I know it’s an odd question but I feel like it’s good to know. Thanks!

TL;DR— did the big short misrepresent the common attitudes of Judaism in America in that one scene with Steve Carrels mom?

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