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The attitude that more observant Jews should have an outsized role in dictating Jewish life will destroy the community

I know not everyone here lives in the US but we can see the logical conclusion of this mentality in American Christianity. Over the last 40 years, there has been a fairly concerted & relatively successful effort by Christian fundamentalists’ to co-opt the entire faith. With each successive generation gradually gaining traction within the community & becoming an ever larger share of the population.

However, this has had an extremely detrimental effect on Christianity anywhere that isn’t an evangelical space. While still the de jure cultural majority, huge chunks of the previously dominate middle & left of center denominations of Christianity have been devastated by this association. Leaving Christians incapable of separating their disdain for an ever widening society with that growing society’s unwillingness to participate or even tolerate their more pernicious beliefs. Meaning that while Christians may be more fervent than they ever have been, Christianity writ large has lost it’s cultural hegemony over the US & risks becoming irrelevant in the coming decades.

This is the logical outcome of the title for this. If the Orthodox part of the Jewish community makes a collective decision that it is more “real” and that the other denominations “shouldn’t have a say”. You won’t move other Jews over & make the community “more Jewish”. You’ll just lose those people outright. And unlike the evangelicals in the US, you don’t have the power to force the issue with state power (at least outside of Israel). Splintering an already small Jewish community would move the general involvement of young Jews from a decline to a terminal one.

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