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Tech for Jews

Hi, I hope this is a reasonable forum for this. So I am a software developer currently considering if I could do it self employed ie freelance or start a company. So I’ve long believed there’s one essential rule in business which is you need to find a true need/desire among a niche population and then if you successfully meet it you can ‘scale up’ beyond your niche. But your initial customers need to be enthusiastic, they need to actively want this invention you offer. So I am less observant now but I grew up Modern Orthodox and religious Jews as a whole are pretty niche! In specific, the need to keep strict kosher and observe the Sabbath makes us unique and gives us unique problems (“I can’t turn a light on on shabbos”) with unique solutions (rotating shabbos lamp). The comedian David Cross once remarked that no group stands to gain more from the invention of the robot butler than a Jew who needs a shabbos goy. So my question is: what are needs/desires/problems you see in the Jewish community that aren’t being addressed but could be? Or is the fruit too high-hanging? (ie Orthodox Jews don’t need anything obviously tech-oriented)

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