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Tanakh for beginners!

Does anyone have any advice as to how to begin reading the Tanakh? It’s honestly my first time encountering Jewish text and if it helps, I have the Stone Edition Tanakh (Artscroll) and it’s the pocket edition (very compact, but thicker than I thought but for something so small, the print is very clear. If anyone wants photos, let me know). I suppose my major questions are:

  • Should the Tanakh be read in a specific order?
  • Is there a source where I can look up names/terminology?
  • How should I approach study? Academically? Spiritually? Both?
  • Is there some sort of guide?

I tried to reach out to Partners in Torah, but unfortunately due to the volume of those seeking mentors and tutors, they were unable to grant me one at this time, so I figured I’d try to do what I can on my own. Thank you in advance!

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