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Taharat Hamishpacha

I got engaged about 1.5 years ago, and my kallah-to-be and I will IYH be getting married in the next few months (likely a very, very small wedding due to coronavirus).

We’re MO, completely shomer negia, and have not had any physical contact throughout our relationship. We will be abiding by taharat mishpacha after getting married.

She has been on birth control for the last ~9 months, but it has so far made her bleed irregularly and extremely frequently; at one point she went months bleeding straight, and she’s still bleeding almost every day. She’s tried different methods of birth control and different doses, and nothing works. We’re at a loss.

We want to avoid a chupat nida, but we’re even more concerned about what life will be like if she’s nida due to the pill almost all the time (not even thinking about potential inability for her to go to mikveh due to coronavirus). This has been an extreme source of anxiety for us both (her particularly) for many, many months at this point.

My chatan classes never really went beyond talking about the sources for taharat hamishpacha and then listing the prohibitions for when she is nida (let alone actually talking about sex or a case remotely like this), and her kallah classes were pretty much the same but much more in depth about what she’d actually need to do.

Does anyone here have any suggestions on what to do? Or is this just completely hopeless, as we think it is?

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