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Synagogues in the Baltimore area?

Synagogue in or near Baltimore?

Does anyone know of any reform or less orthodox synagogues in the Baltimore, MD area? Recently relocated to the area from elsewhere in Maryland, where I attended Chabad. I’m not from the US originally, though spent holidays in Florida, so that’s the only other place within the US where I’ve attended services at a synagogue.

To provide a bit of background: my family are Lebanese Jews. They fled Lebanon fifty years ago, and have never been back since, for obvious reasons. I was born and raised in Europe myself, moved to the United States a decade ago, originally just for my studies, but life had other plans following my studies. I mainly attended Chabad during the high holidays (primarily in Florida) during my upbringing, but didn’t really attend any shul otherwise.

Recently (finally) left my abusive husband a few weeks ago, and feeling pretty isolated and alone these days. My current circumstances have caused me to have somewhat of a ‘crisis of faith’, and I think what I’m seeking at a time like this is community. I also welcome any feedback on any of the recommended synagogues.

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