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Symbolism in the 2009 show The Watchmen

I’ve only now started the watchmen show and was impressed by how eminent and modern and terrifying they made the the enemy, who is often depicted as Nazis or white nationalists. There are two scenes I’ve seen so far there a characters face is shown across the background behind overlapping lines which make a swasrika like shape. Both of these felt like jumpscares when my brain connected some lines and I suddenly realized what they represented. Since this show deals with both racism and antisemitism as both combined and individual evils, I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on how they were presented. I thought they did a good job making those two -isms an actual threat so that even in the heightened world of tv, the evil was not mistaken. What intensional dog whistles were put into the script or framing that would be best understood by JOC, like how a hinted swastika would be recognized more quickly by a Jewish person?

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