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survey about jewish volunteering

I am making a magazine for my school project about volunteering in the jewish community and have made this survey for fellow Jewish people to answer.

  1. Which title design logo out of the ones in the image attached below would appeal most to you for a bold magazine front cover for a magazine about volunteering in the Jewish community, and would you connect to the title name or is it meaningless to you?

2. If you heard that a magazine has the cover name Firgun פירגון, would you know what it means if you are not Jewish and you had to guess what it meant?

3. Does the title firgun פירגון connect with the demographic audience I am trying to reach out to, which is the Jewish community and people in need?

4. Are you interested in educating yourself on the Jewish community, if not why and what community is for you, religious-wise?

5. Do you have an interest in volunteering and the Jewish culture, if so how come?

6. How often would you want to receive a magazine about new volunteering activities/opportunities related to the Jewish community, monthly or weekly?

7. How often would you want to receive a newsletter about what my website offers and how you can access it (the website will also be about the theme and topic of volunteering activities and opportunities related to the Jewish community) monthly or weekly or every 2 months?

8. Where would you buy my magazine from and would you rather see it in situ on the streets or in newspapers, newsletters, and local synagogues or Jewish schools to reach my target audience more easily?

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