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Supporting someone disabilities while they seek conversion

Hello everyone!

I hope you don’t mind me coming to ask you something which is (potentially) a bit on the tricky side. Also please forgive me if I use any terminology incorrectly, I’m very much a passenger in this.

I will be somewhat vague as to offer the person this is regarding privacy, though I do this with their consent.

I have been supporting a gentleman who for several years now has been exploring religion, reading texts, watching talks and so on. In the last year or so he has taken a strong interest in Judaism and has in the last few months he has been talking about a desire to convert to Orthodox Judaism after lots of research into the denominations.

He has been following the Noahide laws and is trying to eat Kosher (insofar as is possible with regards to his living arrangements) and things like that.

The problem is that he has several conditions which will potentially make the conversion process a very difficult one. For instance he has a very limited diet due to sensory issues and really struggles to be around people and groups.

He tells me that part of the conversion process is to demonstrate that you are willing and able to be an active member of the Jewish community, which is something, with all due respect to him, is not going to be possible.

Likewise he struggles to articulate his thoughts and feelings, which given that apparently there are examinations and the like I feel will be beyond him.

I suppose my question really comes down to wanting to manage his expectations and mitigate against any potential upset.

Is the conversion process set in stone, or is it flexible depending on the individual potential converts needs? Is there any sort of precident for people with disabilities converting?

Many thanks, and I’m happy to answer any follow up questions or clarifications you may want.

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