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Subtle anti-Semitism in National Geographic article

This month National Geographic’s cover story and related articles is about the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921 (I didn’t even know NG covered stories about people, but whatever). One of the articles draws from the “Race Card Project” where people are invited to send in a 6-word summary of their experience of race along with further explanation, if they like.

On the website’s homepage there are two highlighted submissions from Jews. One is in French with no translation on the homepage, only at the link, and one is by a Jewish woman who says that she’s Jewish, not white.

While in the magazine, there is one small pullout quote (“But you don’t look Jewish”) and one featured submission by a Jewish man who calls himself white. On the website homepage he’s listed as Daniel Robbins. In the magazine he’s Daniel Chaim Robbins.

There is no specific mention of Jews in the accompanying article either. ETA: In case this isn’t clear, it’s an article and highlighted submissions of people of many different races, see my comment below for more info.

This entire feature was written by a series of black women and edited by Susan Goldberg. It’s still anti-Semitism in my book. We’re a tiny group and one of the biggest targets for hate crimes, but the Jewish experience is basically boiled down to one buried sentence and the implication that Jews are white?

I’m going to write them a letter, but I can’t decide whether I should cancel my subscription or at least not renew it.

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