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Stupid but maybe urgenq question

For disclosure: me – not Jewish, gay, husband – not Jewish, gay.

Our next door neighbour is a frum widower. With no disrespect he’s what I would call a black hat. He’s older than us (we’re in our late 50s) and from the outside in he’s shomer mitzvot. In the past we have seen that he spends yon tif/simchat at a community center. We weren’t home for the first sederim but now we’re back. We knocked on his door and he eventually answered. Long story short, he’s alone and hasn’t eaten. I’m not a posek but I’m absolutely sure that it’s ok to feed him even treif. We could drive to Stamford Hill and buy kosher food, but if we buy it and cook it for him is it even kosher? Should we bother?

Edit: we can ask him but he really only speaks Yiddish and Polish which we don’t understand much.

Edit edit: OK I’m an idiot. My husband just did the right think and called Chabad.

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