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So, here is the point. I MIGHT convert to Judaism, it’s something that I would have never believed possible even one year ago, but I have been seriously considering it for a while now. Growing up as a catholic, I realized that we do all wrong: starting to read the Scriptures, it’s explicitly said to celebrate passover, but we don’t and I can’t even understand why, I mean it’s written, God told us to but we don’t. Same for sabbath and the worshipping of statues. We pray basically everyone you could possibly imagine, but we never focus on God. I know I don’t need to convert to change the way I act religiously speaking and correct myself, but I feel deep down that it is what it’s right for me and myself, something that, being a woman, I think I would be able to naturally pass to my future children. I didn’t meet the rabbi of my city cause I am moving abroad possibly forever in a couple months, so it would be pointless now. Besides, I don’t wanna do the same mistake as Catholicism, that first you get baptised (3 months old in my case) and then you maybe possibly just in case open the Bible, thing that many Catholics never did entirely; I want to study, get to know the customs and when I will feel ready start a conversion process, now it would be too premature. So how can I start this? What can I read and study? I mean besides the Scriptures themselves.

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