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I am 24 years old, I have a high school diploma, I went to college for a year at a community college, I’m in a very bad environment that I can’t thrive in and I feel like I’m lost without hope, my family is very unsupportive and emotionally abusive and I don’t know where to turn too, when I was away for high school at a yeshiva in New York City I was so happy and had the mindset and motivation to succeed. It’s constantly my family that is bringing me down and I feel as if I have no way to escape, I’ve wanted to go to Israel to yeshiva to learn, get closer to hashem and hopefully get past this hard place in my life, and to obtain better resources for Baal teshuva so I can avoid going back in the same direction. I’m looking to start a foundation to build from. I am looking for maybe a vocational school where I can pick up a career

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