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Struggling with my Jew-ish-ness

Hi, I’m fascinated by Judaism and religion generally, and I want to learn more. But I’m not sure it would be appropriate to attend my school’s Chabad/Hillel, and pass myself off as a Jew.

Some context, my mother was adopted into a family with a Jewish father and a Christian mother. Recently, she opened the adoption records, and learned her biological parents (my maternal grandparents) were both Jewish.

I’ve also grown up in a strongly Jewish community, and celebrated Jewish holidays as a kid. Jewish communities feel like a second home to me.

But I’ve never attended temple. I don’t speak Hebrew. I don’t know the prayers and songs. And I’m agnostic, which would obviously preclude be from being truly religiously Jewish. When I compare myself to my devout Jewish friends, it’s clear that I’ve had a vastly different experience.

How should I go about this? Would it be dishonest to consider myself and introduce myself to others as Jewish? Should I instead consider myself a ‘Jew-adjacent’ observer? I would appreciate any thoughts or advice.

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