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Struggling to know how to react after hearing antisemitic conspiracy theories being made right in front of me

I’m in this server online with some good people (or so I thought). These people I’ve had really good conversations with, gained many insights from, and enjoyed spending time with. But a few days ago one of these people posted an antisemitic “meme” and so I stated how I was Jewish and that it’s probably not the best to do that at all, to my surprise everyone else just shrugged it off. Today this guy posts another one which was even worse and I again mildly state concerns (although secretly I felt angry about it), later he sends more and then this other guy joins in with “we should finish what h*tler started” and the first guy reacts with a laughing emoji.

That comment makes me feel indescribably both sad and angry

I should add that these “memes” are all conspiracy theories that the guy has somehow found a relation Judaism for, for example some rich guy planning world domination who happens to have a Jewish wife or something along those lines (not exact scenario), then proceeds to blame Jews for all their problems. I can exactly tell this guy’s thought process and so I know I’ll never win an argument against someone making those kind of claims.

I’m leaving that server 100% but these comments feel way to personal and hurt so there’s a part of me that wants to leave a big comment before I leave saying how this kind of behavior isn’t right but another part of me wants me to not say that and just leave because they’ll never actually understand that anyway.

This is the first time I’ve experienced proper antisemitism in a space I’ve been in and I know how I feel but I don’t know how to react. Should I stand up for myself or should I just leave and ignore to avoid potential aggravation?

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