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struggling as a baal teshuva

Hi, i’m a baal teshuva and have been getting more religious this year. i’ve started attending a orthodox synagogue, and trying to get more religious and it’s been really hard for me.

the first problem is that i come from a secular jewish family, my family basically has no care for religion at all. the only times we ever occasionally went to the synagogue was for high holidays. my family pretty much disapproves of religion and religious people and even looks down on them. i live with my parents, and i get constant complaining, and even anger from them when they see me observing religious traditions. i’ve even been yelled at by them for wanting to become more religious, all i get is constant complaining.

The second problem is, since i wasn’t raised orthodox and i’m a baal teshuva, getting involved in the community is really hard. the members of the synagogue all seem to be off in their own cliques now , and not interested in meeting new people. when i go, i feel very ignored and just looked right through, as no one makes an effort to try and talk to me and take me into the fold.

what do i do? both these aspects make it so hard for me.

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