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Strange question, but i’ll try.

Hello everyone! 3 years ago i found that i have jewish roots on mother line. I grew up without jewish education and i saw only my jewish grandma when i was 3 y.o. All of my life i have not any jewish relations. But anyway, i was curious, responsible, tried to be good example for others and had good education. To be fair, for now i’m not willing to any really religious matter because i’m not sure about my honesty and afraid to be unable to separate truth from its appearance.

But now i have problem that i barely can fix and i need your advice (i’ll write reason later).

I have insomnia after psych meds used for some treated issue. I’ve tried every thing and i just don’t understand how i should deal with it. For now best result i get when i don’t use anything. But it’s 130 days after stopping any meds and dose was very little. I had no insomnia before in my life. Nothing helps, only maybe for 1-2 days, after that i get tolerance and bad sleep. I can’t use heavy meds because it’s turn my life to wrong way, i tried it in mental ward with poor results. I had problem to find good psychiatrist and best of them can’t help me. They advice pills, i tried any classes of pills without cure. But i had tolerance and dependence on any med. Even for good money psychiatrists actually not so different.

I sleep 3-6 hrs every day.

Reason: All of my life i have habit to think how i can deal with any challenge i got. I think, some of you is too.

How would you do?

Sorry for my bad english.

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