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Story #1: Paper Planes

Story #1: Paper Planes

I would like to thank this Community for giving me the opportunity to tell my side of the story. Right now, I am very nervous and a bit scared. When someone does not like what your saying, bad things can start happening… Depending on how this will go, eventually, we will get to story #5. I do not know if I will have the “nerve” to tell it. Story #6 is so disturbing, I only told my mom. Story #5, I never told anyone. I have to tell these stories, though. If I don’t, that means 3 of my dad’s uncles died in the world war II/Holocaust for nothing. My parents, enduring incredible to bring me to this country was for nothing. My life was for nothing. I feel like I am failing everyone. I am so sorry for things I did and didn’t do but was supposed to do. Thousands and thousands years of suffering. I am so, so sorry. Whatever fate awaits me after this lifetime, it is just. God, I love you forever. Now, onto story #1…

Story #1: Paper Planes

“Back in 1984-89, my family used to live in East Biryulyovo. My dad was Jewish (generations back, from Ukraine). My mom was Russian, Christian. Our relatives would come and stay with us, from all over Soviet Union, including from Odessa and Tashkent, and some of them did bring Muslim culture. My parents welcomed all.

This brings me to my story. Moscow, Russia, and I was about 9 or 10 years old. By then, I have read many books, including science fiction, classics/religious, and of course, poetry. I was also writing my own poetry and children’s stories. I was home schooled, so teachers from the local school would come to my home. Back then, it was really difficult to get a wheelchair. The only wheelchairs that were available, were bulky, chain driven, not practical for home use. Those monstrosities were not available to the public. They were used in hospitals and institutions. Sometimes, to get around, I would actually, use a children’s tricycle. Except, I could not pedal it forward. Instead, I would use the tricycle to go backwards, by pushing off the floor, with my feet. I can say that I was quite active, mentally and physically. However, I was missing one thing, and that was interaction with other children. Because of accessibility issues and society factors, I could not leave the building, much. Luckily, there was a pretty spacious balcony. Our apartment was on the second floor, and a balcony was looking out on a two way street. A little further, there was a bus station, but it was not a busy bus station, especially during afternoon. Much of the time, the bus did not even stop, since there was nobody waiting. And so, I would go out on this balcony, to catch some fresh air, sun, and to look at few people that happened towalk by, on the sidewalk, below the balcony. Most of the time, I was reading. One day, I was reading, and I hear children’s voices. I look up, as I was sitting on a stationary chair. And I see three or four boys, about my age. I do not remember what time it was. They were wearing school uniforms, so they might have been coming back from school. Their shirts were not tucked in, and their traditional school jackets were not buttoned, just hanging loose. They were coming closer, down the sidewalk. I was feeling a little curious and excited. I was wondering if they would see me. It’s like I wanted them to see me. As the children were passing my balcony, one of them, did see me. As he looked up at me, I got really excited and said, hello. The boy stopped the other boys and started pointing up at me, until everybody in the group noticed me on the balcony. Before we knew it, we were laughing, talking, screaming. It was so much fun. They would pick up some, little flowers from the ground and throw it up at me. They would also throw shiny, candy wrappers up to my balcony. It was so amazing. Some of them would make paper airplanes, and I would try to dodge them, by moving my upper body and by ducking as best as I could. It was like the best thing that could ever happen to me! One of the airplanes did graze my head, and then landed, somewhere behind me. As it went past my head, I remember thinking that it felt a little too heavy for a paper airplane. The thing is, I couldn’t really see what was coming at me. My head was about 1 foot below the balcony barrier, and I was looking at the children through the balcony slats. I would only catch a a glimpse of what they were throwing. But, none of this made any difference. It was, just fantastic! It was just so wonderful! The entire scene took no more than 15 minutes. As the bus stopped by the bus station, some people got off. For some reason, all of a sudden, my new friends got spooked, and quickly took off. As they were scurrying away, some of them were picking up their jackets, as they have taken them off, while we were playing around. And so, they were gone.

A few moments later, my mother comes back from the kitchen, where she was preparing lunch or dinner, I can’t remember. As she enters the balcony. She starts looking around. All of a sudden, I see her face expression change to complete and utter confusion and worry, as if something was horribly wrong. What happened, she said? What is all over the floor? I was still so excited, and without looking down, I said, it’s candy wrappers and paper airplanes and flowers. As I was about to tell my mom about this, wonderful story that just happened to me, I looked down. There were no shiny, candy wrappers. There were no flowers and paper airplanes. No, none of that. The entire floor of balcony was covered with dirt and rocks. There were wads of dirty, brown paper, everywhere. That is not all. Shards of broken, green and brown glass was all around me. It looked like the glass might have been from beer bottles. When I saw that, I could not believe my eyes. What happened to the flowers, the shiny, candy wrappers, and the paper airplanes? So, what was the object that grazed my head? Was it a dirty paper wad? Was it a glass beer bottle? I will never know, but, there was nothing on me. Despite of being surrounded by rocks and shards of glass, there was not one speck of dirt on me, not one piece of glass touch me Few days later, the school did find those boys. I didn’t think it was such a big deal. In reality, it kind of was. After my mom notified, the school, apparently, the people that were getting off the bus confirmed the boys running away. I did get to meet those boys. The school sent them over to my home, to apologize. I remember feeling awkward. Again, I didn’t feel that this was such a big deal. After they apologized, there was also a school teacher present, I told them that everything is good. The only thing I was a little upset about is that after they apologized, they left. I wanted to talk and to play with them.”

About the photograph, this was a group picture. I cropped the children out. No, I do not have brown teeth. This was a sleepover for new year or someone’s birthday. I was on my tricycle, on my way for morning bathroom time. On the way, I just had to ask someone to stick candy in my mouth (makings of a future chocoholic), All of a sudden, “group picture time!” I, still had some chocolate stuck under my upper lip, as I tried to smile. My mom always used to say that I look like Buratino. Хотите золотой ключик..?

Each story supposed to come with music… my music. But I can’t, I’m not ready…… Have you seen the movie, Yesterday? Each story will ramp up (pun intended), in intensity. I couldn’t do a poll and a picture. So please comment if you want to read the next story or you want to hear no more. If you want to hear no more, I will disappear. Feel free to ask any questions )))

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