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Stop treating jews by choice like fake jews.

My fiancé is a jew by choice who became jewish before I ever met her. I’ve had issues with my family being nasty to her before for being a jew by choice, but someone asked to see her papers at my family seder. She played it off like a joke, but I was livid and I could tell it really hurt her feelings. It turned into an argument and resulted in a pretty tense seder.

So, to all my “born” jews out there- jews by choice are no different than you. You are not better than them, you are not “more” jewish, we’re all just jews. If it upsets you THAT much, you need to figure out how to be comfortable with your jewishness before attacking someone else’s.

To all my jews by choice, i’m sorry you have to deal with this hatefulness. You are wholly jewish and should not be treated as if you’re not.

No, my fiancé didn’t get bat mitzvahed or go to sleep away camp- she is still just as jewish as every single born jew. We have to stop watering down our jewishness to such material things. She is not a “fake” or “diet” jew. She is a jew. Stop spewing hateful rhetoric about people who have wholeheartedly joined us.

EDIT: To clarify, my family isn’t orthodox. They’re reform, my fiancé and I attended a conservative synagogue.

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