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Stay away from lashon hara, and you will be rewarded

For the last year, I’ve struggled with a bully and yenta at my shul. We were friends for a couple months, until I started getting texts and calls from friends warning me that this person was talking lashon hara behind my back, since they knew we were friends. I broke off the friendship, and the lashon hara got a lot worse. I did not speak any details of the situation outside of my closest friends, and my reputation was not damaged as I had established myself in the shul long before her. I ignored messages and went on about my life — shortly after, I met my soon-to-be husband.

Well, last weekend she just moved away! Usually, people have some sort of good-bye party for someone who moves. Not for her.

Hashem is always watching and testing us. Pass the test, you will be rewarded.

(I hadn’t dealt with a bully since like middle school. This is the first time a bully has just magically moved away lol)

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