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Starting my conversion in university…a dumb idea???

So I’m 18F. My mother’s father was Jewish and a Holocaust survivor but since he married a Catholic my mother is not considered Jewish therefore I’m not either. I have been interested in Judaism for around 6 months now and am interested in modern Orthodox (even though my mother wants me to convert reform). I have written a letter to the rabbi which I can attach below even though I haven’t finished it. I read most of the Torah and can now read Hebrew…I learned this all myself. My problem lies in the fact that I start uni in September and am worried about being perceived as “weird”. I mean I would dress conservatively when the majority of girls going out wear skirts barely covering their thighs. I wouldn’t be able to go out Friday or Saturday night which would really kill my social life. I would have to eat kosher. I already don’t fit in in the first place. Finally, due to the Israel/Palestine issue, I’m not sure I would feel safe there as a Jew. There is a Jewish society that does provide Kosher food, and a larger Muslim community (I’m in the UK) that tends to be more religiously observant and will probably be more accepting of me. I’m thinking about maybe starting my conversion after I finish my degree, and that way I can observe halacha without so people judging and where I don’t feel so busy. What do you recommend?

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