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started trying to practice Judaism and have questions

i was born into Judaism, through both my parents who call themselves messianic jews, but were also born into Judaism whos Judaism carried to them through their moms, i was a messianic jew for a long time, but long story short i learned judiasm made more sense after years of looking into it. im jewish by birth, but just yesterday, after years and years of studying, i finally decided to start trying to practice judaism- problem is judaism is really different from my old religion in a lot of ways, and theres so much i dont know- in fact i have a question right now- can i use a computer on shabbat? everyone is telling me differently- what if im only using it for studying and learning about the torah, then is it ok? im so confused… i lit the candles right and said the proper prayer for the first time… please have patience with me ive been trying this for two days only…… i want to make G-d happy and i dont know how

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