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Staff Appreciation during Pesach :(

Since last September, I have been at my first job that wasn’t for a Jewish organization. I wear a kippah and I do kosher-style away from home, and I brought it a chanukiyah in December, but for the most part it hasn’t come up.

Well as I found out last Thursday, staff appreciation week was this week! And I’m staff! So on Monday, we all went out to a nice restaurant for lunch, but it was after time to eat my last chametz, so I just drank water. Then I was out for Yom Tov Tuesday and Wednesday, as they had catered lunches, a cake, an ice cream social, played bingo/party games to win gift cards and PTO, etc. Back to work Thursday–another big meal I couldn’t eat, plus “Happy Hour” for the last two hours of the day–beer and white claw. And damn, some nice beers too. And then today we got gift baskets! Crab dip, crab soup mix, a giftcard to a crabhouse, and cookies (I live in the coastal south.)

I gotta say, I’m not feeling super appreciated. Especially because one of the two people involved in planning the week knows about Judaism? Her father was raised Jewish, he passed when she was young but his parents were involved in her life. She knows about Kashrut, she knows about Pesach restrictions, she told me she even knew this week was Pesach back when they started planning staff appreciation. She acknowledged that I wasn’t going to be able to enjoy anything all week, but didn’t try to mitigate it at all. Credit where it’s due, she is often really good about trying to make sure there’s something I can eat when we have food-related office activities. But all week.

On top of that, of the four days I’m having to take off for Pesach Yom Tovs, only one will be paid.

Super appreciated.

I’m really missing working with and for Jews right now.

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