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Spooky/Scary Jewish Content Recs?

I originally took this to r/horrorlit before thinking to ask it here:

“As Yom Kippur leads in to Spooky Season, I’m realizing that I can’t think of much horror literature that is told through/with a Jewish lens. (Weirdly enough, I realized this while rewatching Constantine.) (Also looking for films recs, if you’ve got them!) Any length is great, from novels to short fiction.”

Posting in this r/, I also feel a lot more comfortable stating the obvious, but I’m not looking for holocaust content. I’m just really curious what horror looks like with a Jewish experience at the core of the story (so, without Christian hegemony sucking all the air out of the room) and I haven’t been able to think of any examples!

(I did discover a trailer for a film called The Vigil, which I am now super excited to check out:

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