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“Spiritually Jewish” Christians???

My neighbor and her friends knocked on my door out of the blue and invited me to their Bible study on Sunday afternoon. Instead of accepting the “no” in “no thanks, I’m Jewish” she said “Well, we actually consider ourselves spiritually Jewish!” clearly hoping she could convince me to join them.

I was so shocked and uncomfortable. Just responded “No……. Thanks….” and shut the door.

Has anyone else heard a Christian call themself spiritually Jewish? I still cannot wrap my head around it, but this is Texas so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.

Edit just to add some detail: This was a group of five college girls, and I’m 26. They said something like “we want to invite our neighbors to our Bible study, please join us!” So I’m not sure if they were going to every door in the apartment complex, or just me because I’m directly next door to them.

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