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Specific education material

I can explain if anyone really wants to know, but the short of the long is

I’m Jewish, my partner is anti-religion. It doesn’t cause many issues, but his lack of understanding of religions in general causes a small problem of a minor lack of respect- the kind that comes from ignorance and lack of exposure aside from the FAR extreme (which doesn’t paint ANY religion in a good light).

He knows I will 100% be raising our children with some extend of Judaism in their lives, so he wants to understand it better. He wont be participating in religious things, just wants to be more respectful and to know what to expect.

I’m trying to find sources- podcasts preferred- to send him that explain… well… Not prayers, not diving into the entire religion. I’ve never been huge on the whole HaShem side of things, just community, morals/values, and traditions. Practices/traditions for major holidays, a crash course on offensive vs not (i.e. repetitively insisting all religions that have a deity being fear based fire and brimstone, comparing ALL religions to cults and the KKK… y’know, stuff that’d be more natural to someone who doesn’t have the social skills of an Autistic person with severe social anxiety VS a gentile wearing a kippah when visiting an orthodox temple)

Basically the perfect thing would be something along the lines of”What to expect as a gentile living with a barely-practicing-atheist jew that’s only holding on to religion to maintain a connection with a deceased parent”

thanks 🙂

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