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Sources concerning the Christian sect

I’ve read, from Dabru Emet: A Jewish Statement on Christians and Christianity (2000):

Jews and Christians worship the same God.


Jews and Christians seek authority from the same book — the Bible (what Jews call “Tanakh” and Christians call the “Old Testament”).


Jews and Christians accept the moral principles of Torah.


The humanly irreconcilable difference between Jews and Christians will not be settled until God redeems the entire world as promised in Scripture. Christians know and serve God through Jesus Christ and the Christian tradition. Jews know and serve God through Torah and the Jewish tradition. That difference will not be settled by one community insisting that it has interpreted Scripture more accurately than the other; nor by exercising political power over the other. Jews can respect Christians’ faithfulness to their revelation just as we expect Christians to respect our faithfulness to our revelation. Neither Jew nor Christian should be pressed into affirming the teaching of the other community.

And similarly, from the Orthodox Rabbinic Statement on Christianity (2015):

Both Jews and Christians have a common covenantal mission to perfect the world under the sovereignty of the Almighty, so that all humanity will call on His name and abominations will be removed from the earth.


We Jews and Christians have more in common than what divides us: the ethical monotheism of Abraham; the relationship with the One Creator of Heaven and Earth, Who loves and cares for all of us; Jewish Sacred Scriptures; a belief in a binding tradition; and the values of life, family, compassionate righteousness, justice, inalienable freedom, universal love and ultimate world peace.


In imitating G-d, Jews and Christians must offer models of service, unconditional love and holiness. We are all created in G-d’s Holy Image, and Jews and Christians will remain dedicated to the Covenant by playing an active role together in redeeming the world.

But after reviewing posts in this subreddit, I’ve found that the general view here is that many of these statements are wrong or misleading. For example, from a post entitled, “Do Jews consider Christianity to be an offshoot of Judaism or an entirely different religion or both?”:

Entirely different. Not even close to the same.

You may get different answers on early Christianity’s origins, but everyone agrees that it’s an entirely different religion.

Nothing Jewish about it but its vague origins and maybe a few lines cribbed from Jewish texts. I don’t know anyone, Christian or Jewish, who doesn’t consider it a completely different religion.

Entirely different religion.

Does anyone have citations to any published sources which show that the statements about Christianity from Dabru emet and Orthodox Rabbinic Statement on Christianity are wrong? And specifically, are there any published sources which give strong arguments against the view that Jews and Christians both worship the god of Abraham?

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