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Sometimes I just get so sick of goyim

I tried to come up with a thousand titles before I settled on that one. Because I didn’t want to hurt feelings or scare away the people who genuinely come here to learn about Jewish culture or grew up close to it. In the end though, that’s how I feel, the feelings of others be damned! I’m sorry if this feels too aggressive to non-Jewish lurkers, I just need to get theses feelings off my chest.

There’s so much refusal to listen when we plead and beg for just a little bit of sympathy or support. So much open hostility hiding behind “fighting capitalism and the abuses of the rich.” I can get behind that, but why do they use antisemitic dog whistles when they do that? Why is it that all of the billionaires they seem to be against have a last name that ends in Berg or Stein but the Christian billionaires are a-okay? Why is there so much scrutiny of every Jewish action, like we’re only allowed to exist if we do it in a way they accept? We’re only around to tell them what Hannukah is and invite them to our children’s Bar Mitzvahs I guess!

Don’t even get me started on Israel. I don’t even want to talk about it. For some reason every other country gets a freebie on just shattering international law, but G-d forbid the evil JEWISH state wants to defend itself from terror and assert the Jewish people’s right to live in their homeland right!? And they start talking as if they were reading out paragraphs from the Elders of Zion.

Why do we get talked over so much? People attack us in the street, say hateful things to our faces, attack our places of worship, but we’re somehow not qualified to talk about it? No, that’s for the people who googled what Passover is once.

I’m sorry if I sound aggressive or angry. I hate that I have to feel paranoid around goyim. I hate it so much. 90% of my friends are not Jewish, and I love them all so much. I can’t imagine them being hateful like that. I know they aren’t. But with so much hate I just get so paranoid sometimes. That I have to defend my right to be who I am.

Rant over. I’m sorry.

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