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“Remove yourself from party politics. Though you are bound to live as a part of the general society, and work especially for the community, do not join any particular party, even if it is close to your heart. Because as long as the party is occupied with politics, it is bound for the furtherance of those politics to transgress the limits of justice and communion of all Israel. If you are a member of a party, and you find it difficult to leave it, especially if the main purpose of the party is the building up of the nation- set your heart to scrutinize every act and deed of the party. Your humanity, your Judaism, your pure conscience, is a thousandfold more important than even the best and loftiest party.

Whether you are a member of a party or not, you can and ought to participate in the work of any party, to the extent that it direct deeds to the building of the whole nation, and to the unification of the nation, and you are bound to remove yourself from it when it divides Jews, or when, to achieve its purpose, it uses means that are contrary to the Jewish spirit, which is that of love, justice, and holiness.”

  • Hillel Zeitlin, 1924

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