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Someone pulling off covering

Hello all, I cover my hair every single day, unless in my home around my family. In public I’m always covered, the only thing you can really see is my face, neck, and hands. Recently I had someone get mad at me (literally cause I didn’t laugh at his [not funny] joke) and threaten to “yank that sh** off my head”. And now I’m actually worried and kind of scared. No one has ever said anything like that to me. But I don’t know if someone does that is there anything I could do legally? Press charges or have them arrested? I assume it might be a civil matter, but I’m not sure. I’d just like to know the path I need to take if someone actually does this to me, cause it WILL cause me great stress. I figured I should add: I’m in the United States. And yes, I have done a Google search to try and find out, and I’m still looking for resources, but I can find about Hijabs (Muslim) but not Tichels (Jewish).

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