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Someone I know’s daughter was just murdered, and I want to do something/send her something. But I’m not Jewish like she is…. Please help

First things first, I’m sorry if this is the wrong place for this, I really just want to help someone and I don’t know how.

Some backstory: I have a coworker that is Jewish. She is an absolutely lovely lady to be around, and always somehow has a positive attitude. She was born and raised in NY, and we work in the city.

Last night, her 19 year old daughter was murdered.

I can not image the pain of burying your own child. I have no idea what she is going through. I just know I want to do something for her.

The first things that came to mind were sending flowers (not sure what kind yet), having groceries delivered to her so she doesn’t have to worry about that, and a gift card for food delivery like Uber Eats.

Are these good ideas? Are there better options? The only thing I know is that I 100% have to buy Kosher. Please help me. I want to help this woman in this extremes difficult time.

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