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Some unexpected Jewish gifts arrived from Amazon.

Some unexpected Jewish gifts arrived from Amazon.

A friend of the family found out that I am into Judaism and decided to send some gifts my way. A Hamsa to put up on the wall, LED shabbat candles, and a Yar Emanuel challah cover.

I really excited about the challah cover. This past shabbat was my first time having challah for shabbat. I have been looking at challah covers. So I am really glad to have it.

At first I wasn’t sure about the LED candles. But on the package it mentions use in a hospital. Given that I am no stranger to hospital stays, I will keep them on hand for things like that or other situations wherr fire isn’t an option.

The hamsa is pretty. I just need to decide where to put it.

This was definitely a nice surprise. And it’s pretty clear that they did some research. I wouldn’t expect your average goy to know about challah covers. As far as I know she isn’t Jewish.

Now I need to see what I want to do for a challah board. I am thinking about just getting a wood cutting board for now. Just to have something other than my everyday plastic cutting boards to use on shabbat. If anyone has inexpensive challah board recommendations, let me know.

Also, is using actual candles a mitzvah or just minhag?

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