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some questions from a Muslim


I am a Muslim and I’ve got some honest questions that I thought you may be able to help me find the answer to them. I’m not here for debate:

  1. what was the significance of Aaron in your faith and his position with regard to prophet Moses (peace be upon him)?
  2. according to some Islamic traditions, Aaron had 3 sons and he named their sons Shabbar (شبّر), Shobayr/Shubair (شبير) and Mushabbar/Mushbar (مشبر). how accurate is that according to your scriptures?
  3. what was the significance of the 12 guardians of the children of Israel and their relation with prophet Moses and Aaron?
  4. Is that true that one of the wives of prophet Moses rebelled against the successor of Moses?
  5. If the holy land of Jews is Jerusalem, why were so many Jews living around and inside the Medina in the Arabian peninsula at the time of the advent of Islam?
  6. how did prophet Moses and Aaron pass away and where are they buried?
  7. do you regard Ishmael as a prophet? do you admit that Arabs are his descendants?

thanks for any help.

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