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Some Questions About Judaism

Hi, I’m currently Catholic, but I don’t believe in the idea of God torturing bad people for all eternity. I know God wouldn’t do that. I’ve tried being agnostic, but I believe in God, not just a general deist God, but the Abrahamic God. So, I’m feeling kind of spiritually lost and have been praying for guidance. I’m considering Judaism because the Torah doesn’t seem to refer to eternal torture anywhere as far as I can tell. That’s opening a whole rabbit hole for me, amd I’m finding the religion in general to be more reasonable than how it was represented growing up. I still have a lot of questions though, and some are pretty basic. Answers to any of the following questions would help:

1) Do Reform Jews not keep kosher at all? Is it optional for them? Is it still considered a sin, just a very mild one not to keep kosher for them? Same questions for Conservative Jews

2) If I sin and repent sincerely with a real desire to do better next time, does God forgive me? I would think He tends to.

3) Do all 3 religious branches (not humanistic), believe in an afterlife? Because I believe in one, just not hell.

4) If the law is unchanging, why are animal sacrifices not dones anymore (I’m not saying they should be)?

5) Conversely, if the law is open for interpretation and was just made for man at that time, does that dilute it in a way?

6) Do Jews believe miracles can still happen in modern day? Ones on a much much smaller scale, not like parting the red sea

7) Is it ok to attend shabbat services every week and perhaps join a Torah study group without being Jewish? I’m assuming it probably is.

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