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Some Judaism Resources For Learning Torah and Researching, In No Particular Order

  1. / app – Library of ~4000 books, with links between them e.g. to find commentaries on any given verse, translations etc. OCR, so you can find your space easily. Membership or app allows saving bookmarks. Free
  2. – 40,000 plus book PDFs across loads of subject matter. Free
  3. InstaRabbi– Q&A with mostly Sefardi / Mizrahi Haredi Rabbis; donors pay for the Rabbis’ time, ordinary Joes/Jews get proper answers with sources, free. (app)
  4. – Like an index of Rabbinic literature sources, alphabetically by source. Seems it’s the digital version of what used to be a print encyclopedia of sorts.
  5. WebShas by Rav Mordechai Torczyner shlit”a – Another useful index, but focused on the Talmud. I used this when writing a paper once for my class in Contemporary Issues in Halacha at Hebrew U, w/ Dr Pesach Schindler z”l.
  6. – One of, perhaps the biggest collection of Torah classes online anywhere. I spoke with them several years ago and we calculated they had ~5 years of footage … meaning, if you watched constantly for 5 years without a break. Recordings mostly of classes from Machon Meir yeshiva in Jerusalem, in English, French, Hebrew, Spanish and Russian.
  7. Chief Rabbi of Tsfat shlit’a, Rav Shmuel Eliyahu’s Youtube (Hebrew) – Perhaps one of the happiest, most joyful people I’ve ever seen. Fascinating insights, and has also written a book about prophecies from the Bible showing how they are coming true today. (I’m curious if people in this sub would like it translated into English? Perhaps a subject for its own thread.)

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