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Some general questions from someone of no particular faith who is seeking truth

Hello, I hope this sort of thing is allowed here and that it’s not too bothersome. I’ve always had issues with the faith I was born into, too many questions and not enough answers. However, when I was younger and considered myself more open to things I read a story. A comic book, to be honest. It involved, among other things, a conversation between a man and a rabbi about the nature of the universe and a man’s place in it. It stuck with me, even now as a middle-aged grump. The ideas in the explanation, which I am to understand are not far off from what y’all discuss, kind of kept popping up in other things I would read. They’d stick with me in troubled times. What I’m getting at here is I wanna know more. But I’m not sure what etiquette is for these sorts of things. In the past, in what I’m used to, you can just sort of walk in and sit during a service. Is that the same custom for Jewish proceedings? I don’t mean I’m gonna walk in on the middle of Rosh Hashanah with like a bucket of crab legs and say “hey y’all, how’s it going?”. I mean I just want to know what day of the week is appropriate to go in and listen, if any. Or should I call the local temple and consult someone? This is running long, I’m sorry and thank you all for your time.

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