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So what’s the Jewish view on pets that pass away eventually.

I had a black cocker spaniel for about 12-14 years. She was a rude but smart dog who knew a lot of tricks. She passed away today. I named her Micah (but this was before I knew about Jewish culture and ideas and I just choose that name because it is a feminine version of the name Micheal which I named a previous dog earlier.) and she died peacefully this morning or so. I feel sad and my family feels sadness over it while I am experiencing a large tidalwave of anxiety.

Is there a Jewish view of pets in the afterlife? I know it lacks a primary focus on the afterlife, but I was curious about the experiences you’ve had with pets and the afterlife.

So I am going to miss her because she was a light. I haven’t really hugged anyone besides my dog in years. I’ve hugged my mom sometimes and I really love her but she’s never in the mood for it

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